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Our partners

Since its establishment, e-Connect has achieved more cooperation and partnership with local companies and international manufacturers being one of the most serious companies in the Kosovo market. Among other things, we are partner / distributor:

Avigilon (avigilon.com), manufacturer of IP video surveillance systems high-resolution, Partner
Grandstream (grandstream.com), manufacturer of IP phones
V-Count (v-count.com), manufacturer of Customer Inteligence Platform, Distributor
ZKTeco (zktechnology.eu), manufacturer of control systems and consistency in work approach, Distributor
ZyXEL (zyxel.com), manufacturer of switchs, Distributor
V-Count (v-count.com), visitor counting system, Distributor
Wodsee (wodsee.com), manufacturer of analog systems and IP video surveillance, Exclusive Distributor
EFB Elektronik (efb-elektronik.de), manufacturer
COFEM (cofem.com), manufacturer of fire alarm systems, Exclusive Distributor
KOCOM (kocom.com), manufacturer of video-interfonisë systems, Distributor
Teletek (teletek-electronics.com), manufacturer of the theft alarm equipment, Partner
Panduit (panduit.com), manufacturer of LAN network systems, Partner
Cisco (cisco.com), the manufacturer of computer networking equipment, Partner
IVTEX (ivtex.com.cn) manufacturer of the theft alarm equipment, Partner
CG  (connectgame-ks.com) Connect Games

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